cinthol soap godrej two different price on same soap manufactured in the same month & year.

Location/place: tirupati/ chittor district/ andhrapradesh

Dear sir,
I am using cinthol soap from my child hood and heard about duplicate soaps manufactured in and around the market in andhra pradesh. Presently i have faced the problem. In the indias most popular market named RELIANCE MART i have bought 3 cintgol deodorant and complexion soap by godrej company on 7th april 2011 at 9 pm. But i have identified two diffrent prices on the soaps manufactured in the same month and year. Rs.24 & Rs 25. And the texture of printing on the packing is not clear indicating the duplicate sensation.
Manufactured by Godrej consumer products Ltd, katha, baddi, pin 173205(H.P)
Barcode on soap label (8 901023 000034)
Net weight 92gram
MRP 24.00 & MRP 25.00
Pkd 02/11
Use before 24 months
Filled wt 100gm
Sir these kind of fraud is been done in this giant market where customers are been cheated. Please take corrective actions to prevent the manufacurers to moniter the marketing of duplicate soaps and eradicate them. And mainly take judicial action on the Reliance hypermart ltd. Abhi towers Tirupati, chittor district , andhra pradesh for encouraging and selling those duplicate soaps to customers and fooling them.
Kindly take preventive measure sir.

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