I was having an ABN Amro Bank Credit Card bearing No.0005415382303746861 and I had used it once in my lifetime i.e. for Rs.114.37 and the payment was due to be paid in the month of May 2004. I was ill and hospitalized in Kerala hence could not pay the said amount in May 2004. On my return to Delhi , I received a statement showing outstanding amount of Rs.281/- ( Rs.131/- outstanding balance + Rs.150 Late fee charges). Immediately I had paid this outstanding on 16/7/2004 and requested ABN Amro Bank to cancel the said credit card. I had sent the destroyed card alongwith the payment to them. to my surprise, in the month of August 2004 I had again received a statement for Rs.345.22 showing late fee charges. I had taken up the matter with bank vide my letters dated 16th July 2004, 9th September 2004, 9th December 2004 convincing them that my payment due was only Rs.131/- however I had paid Rs.281/- for the same hence reverse and close the matter. Finally their executives assured me that my card is cancelled and nothing more is payable and also sent me an email dated 06 January 2005 confirming that the same is under process. Now, I understand that M/s Phoenix ARC Pvt. Ltd. has made negative remarks on CIBIL and got my CBIL score drastically dropped. They are also threatening me in regular intervals for payment for which no detail of document is available with them and creating mental agony to me. I would request this honorable forum to kindly get this harassment from Phoenix ARC cleared at an earliest. If needed, I can produce all the document evidence.

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