Chinkara Canteen

Dear Sir

On 24 Jul 2019 i visited Chinkara canteen Charkhi Dadri for purchase of some grossery items.

I came on leave for 3 days and i was very busy in urgent home tasks at home, today is my last day of leave at home , i reached to canteen at sharp 11: 39 PM.

When i tried to get entry in canteen store , the gatekeeper refused me to take entry. I requested him that iys my last day, if i dont pufchase items my family will face hardship untill i come again at leave, still he refused, then i said her should i talk to manager then gatekeeper said go and talk.

So when i went to Manager room i said May i come in sir three times , Manager saw me and not replied.
He was Smoking in govt office and whole office was full with smoke.

I entered their and said Sir its my last day of leave please allow me to take some grocerry i will conplete my purchase in 10 to 15 mints. He started shouting on me that i have to close canteen 12:30. Ye koi time h aane ka. Maine kaha sir mera last din h , then Manager said : ye tumhari problem h meri nahi, jao yaha se, argument mat karo.
I said : Sir m req kar rha hu argument nahi. Still he said Jao yaha se kal aana. As i allready told its my last day of leave.

His behaviour was very very bad, he insulted me in front of staff member. He smoking all the time while i was talking and he got hyper on me in a sec.

These Canteens and Staff are for our welfare and help, when a manager talk like this, then what impact will be gone on other staff and how the management will work effectively for good services.

Please look in it and i req you to take action against the manager.


Defense Person

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