cheting with ayurvedic bomper draw from AMIT KUMAR (M.V) JHARKHAND

Location/place: GUNTUR

Name of company/service: vaidh Amit kumar[MV] //katri sarai /beside post office /navada dist/jjarkhand

we got the phone call on 13/06/2012 from VAIDH AMIT KUMAR(M.V) and he told to that we get ayurvedic bomper draw and we won the LCD NOKIA MOBILE AND 10 GRAMS GOLD RING.we are not belived that because of we are not a ayurvedic member. But again and again he called to me he said to pay the 4000/- and get that V.P PARCEL.After that we paid the 4000/- and we received the parcel and when ever we was opend the parcel we were shocked because no LCD PHONE AND GOLD RING insted of that place we got two powder packets.we called AMIT KUMAR he said iam the responsible your 4000/- now u will pay 1110/-(9931125199)in this number like two times from airtel office and we paid that money (20/06/2012) also.Then we called him he said friday(22/06/2012) you get the parcel from delhi office in this day but we didn’t get any parcel later we called amit kumar he said what ever you want to do u can do we wont send any parcel and he cut the phone.We got the parcel of AMIT KUMAR(M.V),KATRI SARAI,BESIDE POST OFFICE,NAVADA DIST,PIN.CODE:805105,JHARKHAND.

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