“Cheating With Loyalty Customers” & “Bluffing New Customers”

Location/place: Sedam – 585222, Dist-Gulbarga,State-Karnataka

Name of company/service: “INDIA TODAY GROUP” & “BAG IT TODAY”

This is the complaint which i mailed to “India Today Group” & “Bag It Today”

I want you all to have a look what exactly happened

Mail is as follows:

The India today Group,

“Complaint regarding cheating customers & regarding refund money”

Dear Sir,
This is “Ratnakar.M.Biradar” am sorry to inform you that, your behavior towards costumers is truly very worst. This is my 2nd time to inform you that the bad experience with your group.
The 1st issue was sent last year regarding tour package i.e., of 7000/- and with some technical problem from your side for change of address you took 4 months to refund us, Thank you for that.
On basis of this we have received a cal from India today office from following number ”01206722120” and the person who called was ‘sachin’ saying that n asking for clarification for the last years issues of refund, regarding what was the issue, why was refund and he asked sorry for inconvience provided by India today on 29th of April and gave a offer of a laptop and a I-phone 4s saying that sir we are providing this to only limited of customers who are unsatisfied with the following so by paying 14,000/-rs for a dell 15r insprion laptop n 12,000/- for I-phone 4s and gave us last date of entry will be the same date i.e., is on 29th April and we asked it is not possible for us, because today is Sunday and no banks will be open to pay you, so we requested him for tomorrow and he said if you are paying tomorrow you have to follow same procedure sir and when we asked he said this is the procedure all the customers of India today will follow and he even said sir India today is a branded company and it doesn’t allow these kind of activities and you can change your card pin as soon as we receive your amount and he also said sir we are the company we refunded you last year and how can you doubt on us. But still we were holding because of when he asked us the details of our A.T.M card but we believed on India today and bag it today. And also convinced us nothing goes wrong if at all it happens then you can complain on us or on our group, So on we followed it and paid by my credit card by giving my credit card information… of following
The person who took the money said us the products will be reaching you within 20 days of payment done. And he also gave us 2 tour packages with laptop & 2 tour packages with I-phone 4s as free gifts. And after 2 days of a cal, he called us 1nce again n asked for referrals n he assured for free gifts if we provide them a referrals, on following him we gave him 8 referrals with three different debit cards, following are

Tukaram.d.k {axis debit card}
14,000 × 3 = 42,000 {free 2 tour packages with each 14,000/- pack i.e., 7nts, 8dys}
12,000 × 1 = 12,000

Shivreddy seri {h.d.f.c bank platinum debit/card, visa card}
14,000 × 2 = 28,000
12,000 × 1 = 12,000

Mahesh.n {corperation, bank (debit)}
14,000 × 1 = 14,000/-
The total amt is 1,34,000/-
And last date of issue of products was on 22nd may which they couldn’t do it so they said us products are back because of some technical problem at courier office. N extended for 15 more days and when we tried to contact him on the following no: “+918826488638” it showed this cal cannot be connected (just try once sir plz)
And when we literally started doubting on them we called to “bag it today customer care” on 6th June the following no: 0120-4112424
They asked sorry for inconvience and assured us within 2-4 hours we will be getting a cal. and it happened a person called “TANU SINGH” of following no: +919650476714 who said us he is a refund manager of India today and asked us what happened when we explained the story he said sir we are sorry. We rusticated that person from our company because of he wrongly promoted customers by assuring wrong things like providing laptops and I-phones and he assured us by 18th June he will refund us money which we paid. And asked us from which all a.t.m cards we paid money and how. we just informed him everything and he asked us for verification of card and 1nce again asked us for all details like card no: , card pin, exp date , back side card no: which was earlier asked by sachin the same procedure was followed by tanu singh and assured us some amount will be cut for verification and will be debited back within next few days and he took amount from following cards:

Ratnakar.M.Biradar {h.d.f.c bank credit card}
12,000/-rs saying that they have cut for two packages
Note: the 1st 5998/- was credited with my permission and other 5998/- was taken without informing me when i got message from the bank I got to know it has been cut twice n also checked my mini statement.

Shivreddy Sheri {h.d.f.c bank platinum credit/debit card}
24,000/-rs saying that they have cut for four tour packages each costing 5998/-
Note: the 1st package I.e. 5998/- was credited informing me other 3 other things were done illegal without informing us when we asked he said sorry sir it was done by my junior and within 2 days I will refund it
Total- 36,000/-
The total amount is:1,34,000 + 36,000
: 1,70,000
[ The free gifts which they assured, were received by us i.e., 2- tour packages of a laptop {each costing 7000/}.And 2- tour packages of a i-phone 4s {each costing 5998/-} ]
[ And also we and our following referrals were given only for products sir that is for laptop and I-phone 4s. But not for the tour packages. ]
and assured us within 4 days it will be refunded and also said to attend a cal of bag it today who calls for the packages plz say yes for those n u will get your money refunded…and he said this is the procedure and processing of refund money India today
we did it as he said
and he said when confirming him about the cal we received from bag it today he said on 14 he will be dispatching 85,000/- rs d.d n one more will be sent on 16th of this month by 18th you will complete your all process sir but when we called on 14th he is just not picking up the cal from last 4 days we have been calling him but there is no use no 1 is bothered of lifting our cal sir. And today we called 1nce again to the same customer care we got a guy whose name is “Deepak Sharma” who gave us this mail id and informed us sir don’t worry everything will be fine just mail whole thing which u faced with documents all will be clarified and u will be refunded soon….

I declare that….
According to my knowledge the above mentioned all the information is true and we have got all the proofs with bank statements with sms, and these all things are done in the name of THE INDIA TODAY and BAG IT TODAY. The sms we received has also shown us the amount transferred is on name of India today.
Note:Sir this is not a small issue to discuss if it is not solved within a week we will go to consumer court and media.

So we request you to hawk eye on it & solve this issue as soon as possible

Thanking you,

Sender’s information:
Address – ratnakar.m.biradar
Qtr no: E – 109/B, Vasavadatta cement’s colony, l.n.nagar, sedam-585222
Dist – gulbarga
State – Karnataka.

2 nd Mail which was sent after there reply

Thanks sir, for getting us on a cal from India today. We appreciate your earliest respond.
Sir we got a call from “Arun.Kapoor” [customer relation manager] from the following no’s:
+919654890191, He herd our complete story, and we stated that the cal we received was from one of your employee and he agreed upon that and said sir we have verified with that person he belongs to sales and promotion department.
He said that refund is not possible n we don’t why he said in that manner, because the last year problem was with your side and you refunded us and this time is the same, the problem is with your side we don’t know why you people not getting what happened.
Sir this is not a small issue to get on a talk, it’s about 1, 70,000 and 4 families are involved in it. This issue is very small if you solve it or else it’s going to be a huge.Am repeating you 1nce again sir we booked for a laptop and I-phones 4s not for the packages, and sir let me state you 1 thing no 1 is so mad that he buys 5 to 6 packages at a time and what can he do by taking those and sir please don’t get us in a wrong way that we are blackmailing or something like that, we respect your group and at the same time we believe you, so we have sent you a mail before taking any step ahead.
Sir either of two things you do 1st is refund our money either you send us products which was committed my your employees. The problem is with your side, that your group mismatches communication and they do something else to sell a packages, like a group India today does marketing and packages will be send by bag it today by a confirmation call we agree your process. But let me know how should a customer should know that what’s cooking at your side, the marketing department will commit something and they say what to do and what not to do and following on it customer does and we do as it is said by a person/a employee and we get to know that this is all you cheated us and we take a call and send e-mails but no any use they just ask us why did you said yes for the confirmation call. Then customer will be in confusion to believe whom. So this is what happened to us.

So we leave upon you what to do, if you agree upon 1 thing like either refunding it or giving the products which was committed. As per our request Arun.Kapoor [as mentioned above] has taken two days time to get back to us.
We hope you will react to it as early as possible and please note we are hoping for a positive note from your side.
With regards
Shivreddy sheri
Mahesh .nayak

After all happenings we dint receive a reply note to mail either a call from both the groups.

when we call the person who bluffed us [sachin/tanu singh]he’s just changing his name n when we say am Ratnakar.Biradar or Nived.Biradar he just cuts of his phone. we have tried out with different no’s and he is changing his name in different ways and when we say am Ratnakar.Biradar or Nived.Biradar he just cuts of his phone

i want you to just try 1 nce with taking my name and how he react to it.
the following no: is
Tanu Singh
& he’s a employee of that company [sales & promotion manager as he said]

And These Two Groups are “Cheating” customers in the name of Holiday packages and reviving money

Sir this is a kind Request to Indian consumer court to Help Us.

thank you for providing a stage for sharing our complaints…

With Regard’s
[and following above mentioned names]

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