Cheating with customers.

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Skoda Automobiles

Dear Sir/ Mam,

we own 1 of the vehicles which is manufactured skoda automobiles in India. Lately we started facing technical difficulty with the car. When we got it checked with the authorized service centre, they said that the fuel pump is faulty and we need to get that particular part changed and it will cost us approximately 23 thousand rupees, so we decided to our car our repaired in a non authorised garage and we had to put in an aftermarket fuel pump. After this I decided to do a little R&D on the spare part which was required to be replaced in our car. And I found out that the company is heavily cheating on the customers, by just changing the part number of the spare part. The fuel pump which was there in my car is with part number 1K0919051BM and this was priced at about approximately Rs9,900/-, however sir the company has now changed the part number to 1K0919051DE and this is priced at approximately 23000/-, but the matter of fact is that these 2 above mentioned spares parts are exactly the same and company is just raised the price to cover its losses by fooling customers like us. Request you sir to kindly look into the matter.

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