Cheating the customer by giving defect products.

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: INDIATIMES.COM


I Yuvaraj, i ordered the mobile in on april 14th 2013 through HDFC credit card. They committed to the mobile 7workings but they fail to do that, after continuous follow up and requesting like a beggar they delivered on MAY 1st 2013. After i got the product I found it was defected product, immediately I called their Customer support and informed about it. Customer support people asked me go Nokia care, when i visited nokia care they said its not concern to this product, You speak indiatimes customer support. Then i called the customer support again and told the same which nokia care told, now customer care people said Sorry sir You have to go NOKIA priority. Then i visited nokia priority, but they also told the same thing which nokia care told. Then again I called to Indiatimes customer support and informed the same, they started telling all stories. After great struggle by roaming here and there with one day off for my job and more 200calls to customer care, indiatimes agreed to cancel the order and refund the amount back. As per the customer support advise i sent back the received product along with nokia care job seet.

Now to cancel my order I had started begging by calling to Customer support. After 50plus calls and requesting so they cancelled the order on 21st may 2013. On the same day i got call from indiatimes by stating that your order is called successfully and your amount will be refunded by 5 to 10 working days.

After regular calling and so much of follow ups till now (13th June) I have received my money back. Whenever i call them they will raise a complaint and keep post pounding by telling wait till 24hrs to 48hrs.

I am mentally, financially suffered a lot by Indiatimes. They are keep on cheating me a lot.

Kindly requesting you to get me the JUSTICE for the money which had been blocked 2months(Apr 14 to June 13, till date),mental depress,waste of time and money i wasted by calling INDIATIMES.COM.

Thanks in advance.


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