Cheating on services to consumers

Location/place: Nere,Panvel,Maharashtra

Name of company/service: DISHTV

I am a DISH TV customer for more than 5 years my VC no 01511288654.I have paid monthly subscription for Super Gold package till Oct’12 with balance on Dish TV is Rs.557 till now.I stay at Nere which is 5 KM away from Panvel on Panvel-Matheran Road which has connectivity by each 5 minute connectivity by Govt State transport services and Share Auto service which charges max of Rs.15 as commuting charges.
I had complained to Dish TV by dialing 0120255000 on 10th August’2012i.e.Friday Night as my cable is not working and error message was Signal no coming.I give complaint no 9438959 and ask for technician visit to my home.I been told by Dish TV customer care that complaint will be resolved in 24 hours and visit charges are Rs.150 plus service tax and if parts been replaced then it will charged extra.
On 12th August’2012 I got phone call on my mopbile at 11.37 AM from Dish TV from tel no.+917303426999 and confirm to me that technician will be visiting at 3 PM but no body visited us.
Today i.e. on 12.08.2012 I received call from Mr.Surendra Gupta at 11.33 AM from mobile no +918898816118 claiming that he is franchise for Dish TV and told me that the visit charges will be 350 plus service tax which I argued to him that DISH TV customer service told me that visit charges are Rs.150 plus service tax and if parts been replaced then it will charged extra.
He refuses to visit my home and told me that I need to pay him Rs.350 plus service tax and if parts been replaced then it will charged extra.Which I refused to accept as it was more against what been told to me by Dish TV customer care.So technician refuse to visit me for resolving my complaint.
Then I called DISH TV customer care and go another surprise that they told me that earlier complaint been cancel with out giving me proper reason and noted my new complaint with complaint no.94533014.
I told the customer care of DISH TV that yr technician man is asking for more money than what agreed by your organization then I go another surprise to know from DISH TV customer care that they do not have service people at Panvel,Maharashtra which is big town in Maharashtra and DISH TV service been handled by franchise as they have monopoly.
I sked them that why this was/is not been told to consumers by DISH TV while selling the products and they were speechless.
I registered another complaint with complaint no.94545714on this and told them that your organization is not fulfilling services to customer and I am complaining this to Consumer forum under consumer protection act.
So my compaints are as below against Dish TV organizatioon.
1.Not fulfilling services when promise to fulfill service in 24 hours.
2.Not informing customers on services when product been sold.Working through franchise without informing customers and allowing franchise to overcharge customers for services.
3.Service standard not maintained.

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