Cheating on human emotions

Location/place: nagpur

Name of company/service: teleone consumer products pvt ltd.

i am a smoker. I have ordered NO ADDICTION medicine from Teleone Consumers Products, watching their advertisement on the television where noted t.v. actor Mr. Anup Soni anchor and promote the product. the product was delivered under Invoice No. Tel-NAG 6059 dated 02.03.2013. i have consumed all the three bottles in the container but there is no sign of any effect of any development towards giving up smoking. while on the medicine, when i consume i feel only the taste of some soil. i do have a strong believe that the company is cheating the people in the name of helping giving up addictions. i now demand my money with interest shall be returned forthwith and they shall be taken to an action under IPC 420.
Disputed Amount: 3500

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