Location/place: LUCKNOW

Name of company/service: SAMSUNG

Hi all.. I bought Samsung AC(23/05/12) in SAWHNEY ELECTRONICS, CANTT, LUCKNOW which deals with all kinds of constomer electronics. After two days on (26/05/12) of time of purchase the problem will be start . When I complained in Samsung Customer Care, they acted like showing interest in solving the problem and made some arrangements for AC repairing. On 16/06/12 AC again fails down and cooling problem in it starts .A Service Engineer came with his assistant for the AC repairing on 17/06/12 and Those persons blammed because of voltage problem and m.c.v. system the AC does not work and asked as to go and change the m.c.v. system. After it I changed the m.c.v. system on 17/06/12 but the problem remains constant and AC does not work properly . At last the AC went down completely. At very same day i changed the m.c.v. system but AC will not working properly. Then i call to Customer Care i tell them about the problem regarding AC. Then they said us that we will register your complaint and we will solved it very next day. But next day no action will taken by the company and whole day i was waiting for service engineer to short out the problem but no one came on 18/06/12 till evening then i again call to customer care then say to me they forgotten to forward the complaint to the Centre. They said that we will surely solve the problem next day but on 19/06/12 no one came whole day then i call again at 6 P.M. they said to me that your problem will short out about 8P.M. in evening. But again no action done by the company and after 8P.M. i call them then they tell us they surely solve my problem next day on 20/06/12 till 11 A.M., and my whole day again gone waste . On 20/06/12 at 11:30 A.M. , i again call to customer care and her Executive Pragya gives me a number 0522-4029000 for enquiry about service engineers but that time the number is disconnected many times. At last i again call to customer care executive Mr. Saurabh Shukla and enquiry about the service engineer , then he told us that they are just about to reach at your home in some time but the problem remains constant and consequently the third day of me again waste in waiting for them. Due to this my banks work, college work and my very important family works is pending now and i got physically and mentally exerted .
When I enquired about the statement given by SAMSUNG CUSTOMER CARE they told that they will take care of everything but still now(around 03 days gone) no Action was taken. Daily I complained to the Customer Care Executives and they tried to escape with some silly reason. Please help me out of this issue and be aware of this agencies which got several branches across UTTAR PRADESH.

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