CHEATING FROM polaris services india pvt ltd

POLARIS SCAM ( Polaris plays a very smart scam game ,These is how every one will be trapped to them , Polaris take the money as verification andprocessing fees, Polaris then after drag the time and later carrying not lifting calls and being busyin meetings, so people will try calling from other states and they keep quit after some time. Utilisingpeoples commitment/greed situations and enjoying their money in easy ways.Polaris Team member involved in Scams Sangita Rawat – Director (DIN 07334982)Sawar Singh Rawat – Director (DIN 07334990)Vinay – Manager – PH: 9772238878Vijay – Senior: PH : 9772233947Harshitha – Legal Executive PH:7232888957Mayank Inside Story of SCAMOne day, I(Eterno Housing Pvt Ltd C/O Kiran Kumar – Contact 9845741067 ) got a call from PolarisServices India Pvt Ltd by Executive Name Vijay (Contact Number: 9772233947) on dated 12thJune 2018 for a lending loan for 5 Crore. We provided all the KYC documents and then Polarisreleased Offer Letter (Dated: 12/06/2018) and asked us to pay to search and Verification Fee of Rs20,000 Rs for the Polaris account (Account Name: Polaris Services India Pvt. Ltd, Bank Name -ICICI Bank, Account Number – 693605600649, IFSC Code – ICIC0006936 (Udaipur, Rajasthan),PAN Number : AAJCP3445QPincode – 313002). Payment made by Eterno Housing Pvt Ltd on 21/06/2018 on one condition toVijay that disbursement must happen within a week, Vijay gave 100% Confirmation on loandisbursement by 28/06/2018. Also telling us process is simple, Polaris will send one draft , youhave to take e-stamp, print, and sign and send to Polaris then disbursement will happen, Polarissent us the confirmation letter(Dated 26/06/2018 10.20 AM) and asked to pay processing fees asupfront only(1% of Loan cost) , We had a discussion with Vijay about giving only 3 Lakh as upfrontcharges and pay once the disbursement letter is shared with us. Payment made from EternoHousing account (Dated 26/06/2018 10.40 AM). In these during of payment lot of calls from Vijayfor making payment soon and we can process for disbursement by 28/06/2018 so payment istaken from us in a short time. These were the Last communication from Vijay calling to us, Henever lifts the call at all. His Job is to get the payment from clients giving faulty assurance.Polaris should send the draft immediately after taking processing payment from us(26/June/2018) ,After making 100 of calls to Polaris office and several emails then finally got on 3rd July 2018, Afterso many calls, we got connected with Harshitha Legal department executive (Contact number:7232888957) who starts our file Processing newly, We prepared all documents by 5th July andsent the courier(500 Rs E-stamp, 3 Cheques- Signed,100 Rs blank e-stamp) .Than after we got a mail asking solvency certificate from bank, But we told that is not possible fromour side. Harshita on 11th July suggest that without Solvency we will provide loan , it happens withone Govt guarantor, Here for each and every information, they won’t call and inform us, we need tocall and get the update, If we call no one lift a call (They will answer one clarification once a week) .Front-end executive each time picks the calls and always tell, all are in a meeting, you will get acallback – No calls even single time, following up was the routine job for us. Finally finishedprepared the govt guarantors and submitted on 24th July 2018. Again we got a mail on 1st of Aug ,Some more verification document is required (These was not informed us earlier before theprocessing fees ). Even we have submitted those required documents on 4th Aug 2018.
We got an update on call from Vinay (Contact number 9772238878), Disbursement will happen byAugust 1st week. Again on 31st August, Polaris informs we are moving your file with New Investorsand provide the disbursement date by 4th September again fails to provide the disbursement.Finally, after serious mail from Eterno for the refund, they wanted us to sign for cancellation letterand cancellation letter say (due to some unavoidable reason I would like to cancel my file so Ialone will be responsible for the loss) and they will be exempted from refund us the money. Weignored to sign a cancellation letter After that Polaris are not lifting calls and completely avoidingour calls. Sadly, We waited for nearly 4 months without any results with a lot of irritations. We have informed each and every circumstance of our project and Polaris had agreed 100%confirmation for the loan disbursement, But due to their scam we had lost of our project and hugeloss occurred worth of 75 Lakh, So Polaris has to bear the losses.Loss has to bared within 24 Hours else complaint will be lodged against your company .

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