Cheating from Idea Cellular

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: IDEA Cellular Limited

I requested for Safe Custody Service for my number 9891916848 in March 2012 and made the required payment for same as per the official instructions from Idea Cellular Limited.

My safe custody service for the number 9891916848 started from 27th March 2012.

In spite of same I used to get call for further payment since the number 989191688 was not in safe custody service.

I communicated officially to Idea customer care with all mail communications about the safe custody service and requested to do needful.Even, on April 11. 2012 also I sent official mail to close the number +91 9891916848 immediately.But no reply.

Surprisingly, I got a call from information department of Tis Hazari Court on 31st Jul 2012, and got informed by Mis K Saigal (+91 9891387514) that a case has been registered against me for non-payment of bill against 9891916848 amounted Rs 994. The case number is 101/686.

Further I was guided to communicate with Mr. Rakesh Sharma at +91 8447078147 for same.

Upon communicated I was advised by Mr. Sharma, to make the payment of Rs 994 before 1 pm in order to make a out of the court settlement and close the case.

However, I made the payment and the closing detail was provided as IPC403/447/0032012/HHH1960.

Since already I have the official mail communication from Idea Cellular regarding the safe custody service and also forwarded the same to IDEA customer care several times, Idea Cellular have failed to reply with justification why my number is still not in safe custody.

Moreover I suffered from serious mental harassment due to this case filing and my work has suffered due to same.

I strongly demand for justified action against this kind of harassment from IDEA Cellular Limited.

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