This is to seek refund of the processing fee that we have paid to Canopus Total Services Pvt Ltd, Ajmer for the mortgage loan we applied with them in the name of Mr AK Garg. The office of the company is located at 316-B, 3rd Floor, Amita Villa, Street Opp. Revenue, Board Office, (Near ADA), Todarmal Marg, Civil Lines, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305001, India .Customer care: 0145 3048000 PH: 0145-2429889 Toll free no : 1800-180-6180. Email: [email protected]
We had sought business loan from Canopus against the property. We also paid Rs 12000/- as the legal processing fee and received approval letter UDI/CTA/023SA0425 on July 3, 2017.
We paid Rs 3 lakh though NEFT transaction as the processing fee upon the terms that the fee would be refunded in full if the loan process could not be completed for any reasons. We had three meetings with Canopus managers Vivek Sharma and Ajay Rathore. Neither of them ever clarified that we would require guarantee bond or insolvency certificate to avail the loan.
There is no transparency in their process and the idea is to trap a person by making him/her pay hefty processing charges and then to lay down difficult conditions so that the loan could not be processed.
Once we paid the processing fee, they asked for Third Party Guarantee or Insolvency certificate from the bank. We tried our best to fulfil to the criteria. When we could not do so, we asked for the cancellation of loan application and refund of loan amount in June 2018. We were made to send the cancellation paper on stamp paper, which we did on July 14th and sent them across the papers. Their mail of July 12, clearly says that refund shall happen within 15 days of cancellation letter being received.
Since then it has been a web of lies and deceit. They have been giving one date after another and reneging on their commitment every time. Yashika (9116182185) who has been acting as the front for “authorities” have been dishing out lies on their behest. The sole purpose of the employing girls such as Yashika and Rashi is to dodge the people asking for refund. Vivek Sharma and Ajay Rathore have been absconding from the scene. Ajay Rathore (7023579666) just refuses to take the calls even though he was the one who was front ending the project. We have several times asked Yashika to come up with the person responsible for the refund but she has no convincing answer to this. Rajeev (8290909888), who it seems has taken over from Vivek Sharma, comes up with dates and then disappears and just refuses to the take the call. We have made calls to them almost every day and their response is vague if the call is picked up
Yashika once brought one Dinesh Mittal on the line who assured that payment shall be done on August 8. On August 9, he told me that NEFT transaction has been done and the amount shall be credited into my account within a few minutes. When I asked for transaction report, he just disappeared from scene. Rajeev told me later that no such NEFT transaction was ever done. After we brought a lot of pressure on them, they paid us Rs 50k on August 21 promising to pay the rest within a week. After much pressure, another 30k was paid on September 17 with promise that the remaining amount shall be refunded within the month. Since then no payment has been made.
Most of the time in the morning Yashika says that she is getting the payment done by afternoon and then just refuses to take the call.
All this amounts to cheating and fraud and has caused a great deal of mental agony and harassment to us. It is clear that they out there to fleece people. There are several complaints against them online for not giving the refund.
The company is registered in the name of these two. We asked for several times for a meeting with them but were told that they are staying in Dubai.
07334982 Director 02 December, 2015
07334990 Director 02 December, 2015
It is surprising that despite many government regulations such companies are being allowed to function in the country.
We are writing on consumer forums for getting the refund of our hard earned money and also to make people aware of the perils of dealing with such companies.

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