Location/place: MIRA ROAD/MUMBAI

Name of company/service: HINDUSTAN TIMES

Dear Sir/Madam,
i had paid 249/- rs for 2yrs subcription of hindustan times last year 2011 in april.i had received 1 year coupans till for the second year they supposed to send in april,which i have not i gave call to them,they said it is process,you will get soon,after 15 days i called again they said it is in logestics,only to courier you get within 7 days.,so i gave again in 7 days whish in may,they said it is already delivered in april 9th,somebody received and put signature and mobile no,so they wanted to verify with courier,so again 7 days,so i called again in 7 days they said we will sent duplicate coupans with in was in june again i called for coupans.they says in process you will get it,no need to call.from april to now july 17th i had been calling every week.on 15th monday again i called they said your last years 2 coupans of may and june are not received,thats why we didnt process.then why they people are answering me in differents replies,if they didnt received 2 month coupans why they not told when i gave call to them in april.and i had received the coupans of last year also in june end,which vendor started distibuting newspaper in july,then how i can give may,june coupans to vendor which i had not utilised it,why they do like this,if they offer me something which i paid ,it should be given.if they want to answer in diffenrent replies,then what type of customer service they please i need solution for this problem,please help me out for this

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