Cheating by company, Charged for their fault of not activating plan as promised in time, even after full payment

Location/place: Nagpur

Name of company/service: Reliance communications Ltd

From: “vijay verma”
My customer no. 9372312339 is and mobile no. is 9766342255.

I have been fraudulantly cheated by your company by abruptly stopping my netconnect services in spite of regular bill payments. More over the excess payment paid has neither been refunded nor adjusted inspite of repeated mails.

1. I had opted for special scheme for railway officers comprising of unlimited download with faster 5GB and slower there after with 6 month advance rental of RS.2,870/ from 19.06.11 to 18.12.11. No upward revision for 2 years.

2. I had deposited (Rs.2870/)on 19 Jan 2012 as 6 month advance rental for continuation of same scheme from 19.01.12 to 18.07.12, and separately paid the bill from 19.12.11 to 18.01.12 for Rs.588/. Total of RS.3458/

3. I was given wrong bills of Rs.827/- per month. On my repeated e mails to rectify the error, In last response you had written that the scheme is active and will be valid till 18.07.12.

4. In May 05, a bill of Rs.470/ was generated to be paid by 25.06.12. I objected to same through e mail and also through Ms. Snehal Wasnik of Poonam Chambers, Nagpur outlet. She consulted head quarter and told me to pay the bill with promise that extra amount will be adjusted with next 6 mth advance rental. Hence I paid Rs.470/- on 25.06.12.( She misguided me )

4. But on 08.06.12 my services were abruptly stopped and I was asked to pay Rs.3,222.52 to continue the services. This has caused me huge losses as I am using net for many transections.

Inspite of regular payments and scheme period valid till 18.07.12, your company has fraudulantly cheated me by stopping my net services causing huge losses to me.

I warn you to immediately start my services and adjust extra amount of Rs.470 in next 6 month advance rental from 19.07.12 onwards.

I will be forced to approach consumer forum, if the same is not done immediately. And you may have to pay for my losses as well.

Dr.Vijay Kishor Verma, Additional CMS, Central Railway, Nagpur

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