cheating by club mahindra

club mahindra sells their minimum room which is studio and accomodates 3 adults.
where as many of their resorts have hotel unit which accomodates 2 adults and they expect us to pay 1500 per day + taxes.
on my booking my holiday to kanatal i was told that i would have to pay the above mentioned charges which i refused. then a gentleman by the name of mr. abhishek asked me to book 2 rooms which i said would be eating my inventory unnecessarily . he then told me to go for the holiday in 2 rooms and he would recredit 2.5 days to my acoount.after the holiday. went as told by him and on my return i asked for the needful to be done .on 31.7.2018
i receive an email from ms. renju paniker that they will not recredit my account
am shocked that first they have cheated me by giving me a hotel unit instead of a studio and now cut my inventory
looks like i have been cheated

no wonder indian companies cannot do business abroad

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