Cheating by Amazon India

I placed an order some days ago for the following item:
AlexVyan®-Genuine Accessory:- 10″ INCH CABLE TIES 250 MM*4.8 MM White Nylon Zip Wire Organizer Self Locking Tie (100 nos). The price on the website was shown as Rs 240 with free delivery.
I received the product on 14 Aug 2017. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the MRP of the product was Rs 165. The seller – AlexVyan Bros – had concealed the MRP by sticking a sticker on top of the printed MRP so that he could charge Rs 75 more than the MRP. This looked like a deliberate and not accidental act. This amounted to cheating the customer and is also ILLEGAL. I therefore requested for a return.
I also posted a feedback as follows:
“The seller has deliberately stuck a sticker over the MRP printed on the plastic packaging so that the customer should not see it and he can charge whatever he wants. This is a deliberate act of cheating and Amazon needs to come down heavily on such sellers who have no ethics.”
Amazon has rejected my feedback advising me that I can only write about the product and that any shipment related issues should be posted on a different page. THE PRICE OF THE PRODUCT IS RELATED TO THE PRODUCT ITSELF AND NOT TO THE SHIPMENT. Why then is Amazon avoiding publishing my feedback regarding the cheating practice being indulged in by their sellers. This is not an isolated incident. This has been happening in the past also. So, is it that Amazon, or people in Amazon, are turning a blind eye to such practices in return for favours or inducements from such sellers? Why is Amazon trying to protect such sellers?
Amazon needs to answer such questions. Amazon needs to also realise that if they choose not to answer such questions through their own channels and avoid publishing unpalatable reviews, then they are forcing customers to go to the social media.
They need to remember the old adage: “If satisfied, tell others; if not, tell us”

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