We have purchased a washing Machine from ONIDA Model :Splendor KLT550V. Model Code WOF5508NW on 29/04/2017.
From the day of my purchase the company seems to be reluctant to attend service calls. Installation of the machine was delayed.
Then once when I called for a service I found out that the top of the machine was broken.
Recently , the machine was not working properly. I searched the net and found out a toll free number 1800 103 8192 and 1800123 8192.On contacting them they gave a phone number of one Saifudeen Saif -8300527276.
He sent a technician names Sameer No 9206461538. complaint was regd on 01/12/2019 and the ref no given by them is 4125110346824. dtd 01/12/2019. The technician collected the board and Rs4000/ on returning on next day fitted the board and went off after starting the machine. But soon the machine stopped and we called back the technician . He came took the board again and refitted on 3rd December 19. Still it was not working. Then the technician stopped picking our phone and even blocked our number.
After continous calling Saifudeen agred to sent the technician once again on 16/12/2019 after collecting another Rs1600/-.
The technician took away the board once again . Then there was no reply for a week. After that he informed that the spare parts he brought for us has been fitted to somebody elses machine by mistake , so I will have to wait till another consignment comes After many calls on 23rd he replied that it is not possible to repair the machine . Then I told him to return the board he took away and refund my money. On 26th he returned my board and Rs2000 only. When I questioned the logic of not refunding the full amount , he refunded another Rs1600 on 29th December 2019.
I took up with ONIDA customer care on 25/12/2019 and the machine is still waiting for the technician.
I repoeted to ONIDA customer care that someone has misrepresented them and cheated me, they said that they are unable to take action against them.
It is pity that after giving all this phone numbers they cannot find out the fraudulent service provider of ONIDA. I doubt that the person who came to my house is an authorized agent of ONIDA and since he failed in serving the purpose. They are disowning him. Other wise they should take action against such persons who spoil the name of The Company ONIDA

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