Location/place: Gurgaon

Name of company/service: Tata Teleservices Ltd

I bought the Tata Sky 3 years before, the dealer organised to send a person for installation which was committed to me as free installation. While installing it the person just checked on the whether it is working or not post which I never used it since I was having a channel going on in my house.

Now 2 months before I shifted my house I called up TataSky for uninstall & install the disk in my new house. We thought now of using it, to which I recharged with Rs. 2000/- to my surprise they said there is an outstanding of Rs.1100/- pending on my account. While checking the details they said it is installation charges which was committed to me free.

Now, I am following up with company & dealer since last 45 days, none of them are owning the issue. The company says speak to dealer & dealer says it is an old case don’t remember.
For 3 years while I was not using TataSky there was not a single reminder or inquiry on their pending amount or else I would have taken up with them same time.

Also,in last 45 days I have send 7reminders to company have enough proofs wherein I have asked for their Head – Customer Service & CEO’s email id to which they have said it is there policy not to share the same.

Need your help to resolve the issue.

Parimal Rathod

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