I have booked a taxi from Pacific mall Tagore Garden Delhi on Wednesday 13th June @10:20 pm. The fare shown was Rs 58 . Firstly the driver asked us to walk to the other gate of the mall. Than after reaching the destination he asked for Rs135 , but my phone was showing fare was 58 which was deducted through my credit in the app. So no cash should be paid. I informed him the same, but he told me Uber app is faulty, it’s not showing the correct charges. He said he is poor person, if I will not pay him, it will be his loss because he will not get paid for the trip from Uber. But I told him payment is already done…than he said he will call Uber and make us speak to them regarding the payment problem. I trust Uber so I paid him. He also assured me that in case extra money is taken from me, it will be refunded by Uber as it is because of fault in Uber app. After 12 hours I called up the driver to confirm the payment status because my app was still showing fare of 58 which was deducted from my credit. Over the phone he told me, he will speak to Uber, regarding refund and now after that he stopped picking up my call. His no. is +919560312316 He also told me he has done this with lot of customer. He is looting customer’s money. When I reported this to Uber…they replied that they are not responsible for any cash given and my money is gone. They are not taking any complaints against the driver as well. I have complained again on Uber app but I am not getting any reply. Now it’s not about refund, its about the cheating , which the driver is doing with the customer and about Uber, who is supporting them.

Please take some action for these kind of cheaters, they actually spoil the name of other hardworking person and also the name of the companies hiring them.

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