Location/place: Faridabad

Name of company/service: Home Shop 18

Dear Sir,

I am writing this mail which was sent to Home shop 18 on 16.04.13 on their official website and also lodged complaints with the customer care and spoke with lot of executives but all in vain.

I would like to draw your kind attention that I did a crime by choosing Home Shop 18 products and I wish that in future this kind of mistakes or crime will not be repeated in my whole life
For the above subject Order No I spoke with lots of person in your organization thru Customer care help line number (Name of some executives are Ms. Nalini, Mr. Pushpendra, Ms. Vibha & Mr. Sujit) but all in vain.

I got a call from your courier person that the product will be delivered in half an hour time on 23.03.13 but nobody turned up and When I called up that person he told me that he will not come and will come on Monday but on Monday no body turned up. Then I spoke with your customer care and got the assurance that the product will be delivered by Tuesday but also for next three day no body turned up and the person has reached after three four days after rigorous follow up . After through check up of the product we found that one Box which was handle was having some crack and for the same I made this in the knowledge of customer care and your customer care representative spoke with me and my wife for getting the details and after collecting the details they have sent the wrong product. This is not first time it has happens earlier also for other product

By this I have got upset and push me to unsolvable conditions at my home.

Now I request you to refund my whole amount which I have paid along with all the charges which i have made for communication with you.

Now I request your good self to resolvve the issue and arrange my money back and serve them notice for making me harassed so that no other customer may get affected and waste his hard earned money.

It is going to be more that two weeks neither they have changed the defective product and I ws told by Home shop 18 that the product is out of stock and they can not change the same.

I have got mentally tourchered by them.

I seek justice in this regard


S B Mudgal

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