Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Airtel

I was submitted a new Airtel local post-paid connection request online for Mumbai region. I have submitted 300 Rs. for this request. Their agent gave me a bill with SIM card. Company name is mentioned “Frontline Salesmart PVT LTD” with Airtel logo on cash memo. Bill serial no is 14896. Company code is SAD11105. I have submitted all the necessary proof which was discussed with their Airtel agent. They come to me and provided me a post-paid SIM. Their verification team member come and verified my entire document. Their verification team called me and verified the new number which was provided me via SMS. I called up Airtel agent for SIM activation purpose; they have promised me that I would be activated as early as possible. But It was surprised me that still SIM was not activated. I was called so many times to their Agent but some time they were picking up phone and gave assurance that SIM would be activated within day. But still SIM is not activated. It is really a big harassment for me.
Last time I have told their executive or agent that I will submit a complaint to Consumer Forum against your company. They have done second time Address Verification. Still SIM is not activated. They simply told me that I could do.
Airtel is a big Telecom department and I am a simple common Indian people. I have checked so many cases lunched against Airtel. I don’t know my problem will be solved or not. But I believe that next time someone will not be cheated with Airtel Company in the same way. I want my 300 Rs. back.
I am looking forward for solution.
Chiranjib Saha Roy

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