Cheater and Careless Indian Railway

Location/place: Indian Railways (IRCTC)

Name of company/service: Indian Railways

I had to travel by 11014 of 21st July 2012 from Pune to Kalyan and further by 12188 (PNR 8703783814) of same day from Kalyan to Jabalpur. Train No.12188 (CSTM-JBP Garib Rath) was cancelled on 21-07-2012 ex.KYN due to accident bet KYN-KSRA stations. Thus I booked e-ticket by T.No.18610 (PNR 8426770773) of 21-07-2012. I was waiting at PUNE station for 4 and half an hour as no proper information was available at the station about running of T.No.11014 of 21-07-2012. Tr.No.11014 was unexpected delayed by 3 hrs and left PUNE at 13:58 hrs reached KYN by 16:46 hrs. This also resulted that I missed train No.18610 which left KYN station by 16:42 hrs. Again I booked e-ticket by T.No.12141 leaving KYN by 00:23 hrs of 22-07-2012. This train left KYN by 01:25 hrs late by 1:02 hrs and arrived JBP at 15:40 hrs on 22-07-2012. Facing a lot of difficulty I reached Jabalpur late by 10 hrs.

I lodged a complaint with IRCTC & Indian Railways on line vide No. ”W/CR/CSTM/000010827 Dated 28/07/2012 15:04 Reservation Issues”
for full refund with compensation on unused tickets on PNR No.8703783814 for Rs.562 and PNR No.8426770773 Rs.1490 but railway did not care of that. IRCTC refunded only Rs.270. Full refund should have been arranged when the train was cancelled and also when the train is missed due to late running of connecting train. Kindly help me in getting proper refund with compensation.

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