Cheated us harrassed us

My name is Priyank Patel and my package ID is PKG ZVC J7310.
>I booked a package to thailand from Oyo holidays. My package was from 6th of May 2018 to 18th of May 2018.
>We booked our package on 23 of April.
>After an initial amount of 30000 paid I was not provided any link of payment for rest of amount till I asked him. My total amount was 115000 but he requested me to make direct payment to visa agent as his company will not be able to send it to visa agent. But i insisted on making payments to Oyo but he kept requesting to make payments to visa agent directly. And reduced amount from 115,000 to 109000.
>The most annoying thing was that no one answered the calls. My calls were either ignored or i was given an answer that concerned agent is not available. I had to keep calling whole day for one answer.
>There was no itinerary given to us for my travel package. Insted a typed mail was sent giving rough sketch of itinerary. Which too had many many mistakes i.e. Date of travel was wrong my flight would be from krabi and drop was at phuket Airport then flight time was at 9:05am but pick up was at 8:00am from hotel and airport was 25km away from hotel. Yet i was assured by the confirmation team that 8:00 is a good time and we will reach in time. Check in for 9:00am flight closed at 8:00 am.
>Many places in itinerary were not given in detail in the mail. The official itinerary was not sent till we reached Bangkok.
>For every mistake i had to call them for hours and hours and would get no call back. That was such a torture as we made payment but got no receipt of it from oyo i just had that of paytm.
Then they sent me an agent number for visa as it was included in my package. We sent our documents immediately on 23rd of April 2018 but the voucher of hotel and flight was not provided to visa agent by oyo person. He had not sent it to us and said he will forward them to Visa agent directly.
>It was sent almost a week late on 30th of April 2018. We asked again and again if our visa would reach on time they assured us everything would be fine.
>As the date of travel approached they started ignoring our calls or rejecting calls. When we asked visa agent about our visa he said it will arrive on 7th of May a day later to my travel date . >That too we came to know because we called visa agent.
>Oyo holiday representative did not inform us that. We kept asking for voucher itinerary and visa but got no response from oyo holidays.
>When we asked them that our visa are delayed they said it’s not their fault and that they never said that our visa are included and are not responsible for our visa.
>Whereas it is clearly mentioned in their mail that our thai visa are included in the package .
>They refused to compensate or reschedule anything. After a lot of arguments they rescheduled our flight to next day and reduced our day in phuket from 3 days to 2 days.
>We just asked them to cancel our package and give a refund they said you go or don’t is your issue but you cant get a penny back
>We spoke to manager but he said do a case against me sue me or do whatever you want it won’t affect me.
>We said we were so stressed and not willing to go on the trip and would send somebody else but they refused.
>The oyo staff was extremely rude to us. Hence we forcefully had to go on trip in which neither me or my wife was interested anymore.
>We suffered going Gujarat to Mumbai and then book hotel as day was reduced. Main thing for vacation was celebration of my birthday in phuket on 7th of May which failed horribly and that Emotionally hurt us a lot.
>We went from Mumbai to Bangkok and thereon to phuket. We arrived in phuket in morning around 10:00 am or so and our pick up didnt arrive till 1:00pm . The driver picked us up at 1:15 in afternoon and drop us off half way. He stopped the cab got our luggage out of cab asked us to come out of cab saying we reached hotel. But our hotel was away from there.
>We had to book a taxi seperatly to reach hotel.After which i immediately called the manager of Oyo and he assured me give a reply in half an hour and asked to relax. But upon getting no reply i lost my cool and got high BP. I was tensed as in an unknown country i was dropped off halfway with no where to go. No one to ask and they dont reply.I asked about sim card he said it will be provided in bangkok. Which was my last stop why would I need sim for 3 days? What about the rest of week? . So I called again and asked to book return tickets for next day but he refused saying its not possible. And assured me that there will be no mistake here on he will get it escalated and submit me a case study.
>The hotel was all smelly and worn down. Nothing like it was shown in the images. Nowhere it looked like a 3 star property.
>We had separate beds in phuket. Bathrooms were smelly and hotel rooms had bugs everywhere.
>Next day during breakfast a huge peice of roofing fell right next to our table.
>one day in phuket was reduced and no city tour was provided.
>The phi phi island tour was by big boat and our seat were booked a basement like compartment which was cheapest accommodating 500 people >We had to pay extra for upgrading.
>We were given a pick up time for a particular day but driver would pick up us atleast an hour or two late.
>On our transfer from phuket to krabi. We had to change atleast a couple of cabs. So we got down from cab. But it was raining so the driver asked us to keep the luggage in cab. After a few minutes I opened the cab door and found driver searching through my purse his cab’s number is Thailand 86 30-6447
>In krabi we had to wait outside room for an hour as room was not ready yet.
>Next day in krabi there were no lights in hotel for couple of hours at night.
>We had a long tail boat for poda 4 island but insted we were provided a speed boat. And we asked for vegetarian lunch which was included in package but they said they had no request for vegetarian lunches from booking agency.
>In pattaya I had coral island tour. In which we were given only 10 minutes on island to explore. >The rest of time was wasted in waiting while the people who paid for water sports enjoyed their rides.
>No body in any hotel even helped with luggage from lobby to room. Or lobby to cab.
>In pattaya I mailed and call so many times for my pick up for Alcazar show. Which was also late
>On the way from pattaya to Bangkok which was 1 and a half hour drive and starting time was 9 am and we reached bangkok around 7 pm
>In itinerary it is said that our pick up was at 1 pm in bangkok .
>Even the bangkok city tour was not provided and we visited one marble temple saying the others was closed as we were late.
>The safari park tour inclded all the shows and safari tour but it was late that day too and we missed safari feeding show & orangutan boxing show. Because pick up was at 7.30am but picked us up at around 9 and started for 10.30 am around.
>In safari park every group of travel had well organized seating and all for lunch but there was no sign of our travels or guide we had to eat standing up without table.
>And they forced us to leave early making us miss the last two shows there as well.
>In bangkok we were not given a 3 star room but insted a small standard room was booked. Bathroom was so small literally wall was hitting on face if you sit on toilet. Room was extremely small
>We suffered so much as we would be ready on time but pick up would be late
>Whole days were wasted in transfer from place to another.
>Oyo people said do whatever you can nothing will effect us even if you sue us.
>This all left us so devastated. We faced issues in every place..
>Everyday something or other will be wrong. The drivers were rude and there was a delay of hours everywhere.
>No proper guidance on the island or no proper tour was provided.
>Everything booked in package was the cheapest possible and not comfortable for which we paid. >We were so stressed and I got high blood pressure because of these issues.
>And it left us tierd irritated and frustrated because we payed for everything here yet we had to face issues there and pay for things there seperatly.
>The mental agony we went through all the time was immense especially because they refused to accept anything or even try to communicate. >Even till last minute we were not sure that we would be starting or not.
>Our visa and passport were delivered last minute after calling hundreds of time per day.
>This is been worst trip ever.
>Spent every day in tension and stress worrying about the day and arguing with people concerned with booking most poorly managed and cheated us.
>They were very rude and totally said that there is not even a bit of their fault.
>I kept sending mails to them way before starting warning them about issues that might be created and asked them to look after it. But they kept assuring me that there will be no problem and they will manage it. I even said if something gies wrong they will be responsible yet they now deny any thing
>Also said them to mail me a week before starting that nothing will go wrong as i was doubting something will go wrong due to their careless behavior but they didn’t send that either.
My payment to be made for visa was 6000 but they demanded 8000 insted. When i asked for receipt from oyo manager he said “aap apna dekhlo” look for your self and cut the call refusing to give receipt

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