Cheated Rs.43099/- for job

Dear sir, My Name is M.Karunanidhi, residing in Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu. In July – 18 i have received a phone call from 9540327723 and introduced that” I am Anu calling from regarding your job, Are you looking for job, we are having immediate opening suitable for your resume”, I replied, “yes I am looking for a better job”. Then Anu madam again contacted me and asked to login in their website named I have logged in their website as per their instruction over phone and they have asked to go cart and first pay Rs.2599/- as registration and then informed we are having an immediate opening in our client M/s.Nagarjuna construction company, for that you have to pay Rs.12500/- as career report. Then i have paid the amount Rs.2599/= and Rs.12500/=. Then immediately, Mr.Avinash Singh talked in the same phone and asked me to pay Rs.15500/ as recruiter connection and Rs.12500/- as verification fee and this Rs.12500/- will be refunded at the time of interview since we are having an immediate opening in our client M/s. Nagarjuna construction company and you have to join within a month time. Then i have paid the Amount Rs.15500/- and Rs.12500/- Totally Rs.43099/-.

Then they have asked me to send my certificates for verification and on 19.07.18, i have scanned my documents and sent to them Through E mail.

Then I have have received a email and informed your verification completed interview will be arranged after 5th Aug-18.

Then i have received a email, some interview dates likes 22/8, 24/8 and 27/8 which is suitable and i replied arrange 27/8.

No interview conducted on the dates informed by them and No reply from their end, then i called them and asked why interview not conducted, they have told some reasons and we will arrange another day and informed me through mail some dates like 21/9, 24/9 and 26/9 and asked which date is suitable for you, I replied all dates are suitable for please arrange interview immediately.

Again No interview conducted on the dates informed by them and I have called Mr.Avinash Singh and asked over phone why interview not conducted, but they again told me some reasons. Then I have sent a mail, please return my amount immediately, I am not satisfied with your service.

Then, Mr. Avinash singh sent a mail that, please apologize, our service verification team done mistake, we will reschedule your interview on 1st Oct – 18. But, I rejected and asked to refund my amount Rs.43099/- immediately over phone and mail on 25.09.18.

But till date They have not refunded my amount.

Hence I request you to kindly accept my complaint and arrange to get my amount Rs.43099/- back at the earliest.

Thanks & regards,

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