Location/place: kolkata (BEHALA)

Name of company/service: COUNTRY VACATIONS

ON 25th April’12 i received a call from the staff of country vacations saying that i am the lucky winner of a lucky draw and come and collect three gifts (one kitchen set of 6 glass bowls, a gift voucher worth Rs.25,000/- which can be utilized for getting the accommodation and pass to country club for one day)i went with my husband and daughter to get the gifts. It was held at the 5th floor of MERLIN HOMELAND Country Club, in BHAWANIPUR . The staff said we have to attend a presentation for 1 hour and later the gifts can be collected. The so called presentation was a trap and i realized it only after reaching home. It is about country vacations and through that gaining a Country club life time ownership membership. I fancied about the idea of getting a membership.They convinced us and did a deal of 87000/- for 10years vacation and life time clubbing facility on 26.04.2012 but it’s a fraud they didn’t send any prospectus or any gifts what they discussed during their presentation i want to refund that money and i call them up for several times for cancelling my membership but they didn’t response. i want your kind cooperation to get my money back as soon as possible.

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