Cheated money on the name of offshore job

I was contacted by Almighty migration services Mumbai repeatedly in June 2015 to apply for the jobs in QA department in Denmark. After thoroughly enquiring the process, I was convinced. I was also made to deposit my passport and send the original documents for verification. I was asked to pay 25000 Rs registration fee which I did on 13 Jun 2015 (account number is ALMIGHTY MIGRATION SERVICES PVT LTD 50200011517870, HDFC BANK, IFSC CODE: 0001357. Receipt attached)
Phone numbers are 02240831601/1602/1603/1604/1605.
After a month I was interviewed from a Denmark number and told that I was selected. I received email from Almighty stating that ‘congratulations for getting selected’. They requested me to deposit 25,000 INR more as per the initial communication with them. I did on 14 Jul 2015 and expected to receive the offer letter. I received the offer letter after repeated calls to them after more than a month. They asked me to deposit further 1,50,000 Rs. I did to the account given by them as the offer looked genuine and the website address mentioned in the offer was there too. I deposited the amount on 23 Aug 2015 and 25 Aug 2015 in 2 instalments of 1,00,000 and 50,000 Rs. Therefore total of 2,00,000 Rs (two hundred thousand rupees) was paid to Almighty by 25 Aug 2015.
I did not verify the Denmark address mentioned in the offer letter. But since there was no email from them for the next processes I called them repeatedly. Either the phone/mobile were switched of or calls did not get attended. The director or MD of the company is Mr Himanshu (Mobile number 8452834418) was repeatedly avoiding my calls and did not provide any accurate information when I would be flying to Denmark and what are the arrangements to be made further. Same the case with his assistants who were in touch with me (Annie Fernandis and Nisha). They repeatedly avoided my calls and did give reply via email that ‘I should not worry, process is going on’.
It was more than 3 months and I was not given any information regarding visa processing and my departure date. I realized that I was duped and asked to refund my money. They told me that it is taking longer time than anticipated and I should wait for 4 more months. The other option was that they told me that I should send them an email stating that I am withdrawing my application to Denmark due to family reasons and they will partially refund my amount after 45 days from the email received by them. I knew that the family reasons would allow them to claim that I myself withdrew from going abroad so that they can deduct about 25% money for their service charge. I was told that my 25% money would be deducted as service charge (that would be equal to 50000 Rs).
The passport was returned to me after much request. Since they have not refunded my amount so far, I am lodging this complaint here. I would like to get my money back. I would also request that they should pay me a penalty amount for the harassment and fake offers.
( I have all the necessary proof, phone calls, call log history and account statements reflecting money transfer)

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