Cheated by the distributers

Location/place: 270/271,flat no.201 Snehdeep appartment,indrapuri,Bhawarkua

as i have complaint against one of the distributer which is situated at applo near janjirwala square office no 267 as one of the executive named mr.sudher chauhan (8962250833) has visted my place to discussed on plan regarding prepaid to postpaid conversion as he will told me that there is a plan of rs 199 ie diet plan of which i get 350 sms permonth,700 minutes lacal+std every month.

Tata to Tata calling 1500 minutes for 2 months, 150 minutes calling STD and local both for 2 months which is as add on packs which i will get on postpaid .as he will also told me that the pulse rate for these will be 1paisa for 2 second .

that is i will get on add on pack for 2 month
1500 min x 2 (ie 1paisa/2sec call rate) = 3000 min ——-> local tata to tata

150 min x2 (ie 1paisa/2sec call rate) =300 min ———— > std + local

350 sms every month + 700 local & std calling

thats is we will get 4000 min calling for 2 months(3000+300+700= 4000)

as you will see on scan copy but when i have talk at customer care at the time of starting connection he told me that there is no plan activated you have just 500 local sms & 200 min calling so i can contact at executives he told me that there is no prb as the thing i told you is right you can use randomly i will see but still i visited at distributer office and meet miss which is tele caller and the plan which she told me is correct by her also at march 4 and i will also meet boss he will also check and said the thing which he/she both told are correct as customer careis not know these we will talk at bhopal and i will call you dont need to worry i will managed after 2 days when i didnt get the reply then i will again visited at distributer office then he will say the same .
on third visit on 9 march he will said i will accept that there is some plan mistakes by nsb as well as executive we will correct you dont worry. and i will also tell her that there is sms coming by the company that my unbilled amount is 887 rs some thing them also he said dont worry i will be there .but also i know that some prb is there so i gain visted at 13 on march then the word which i get is that once wait for billing after the bill generated we will adjust sir,and the amt which will goes out from our plan will only you have to pay rest will pay by the mistakes persons

and when bill comes i went to distributer ofice then he will see the bill and said i will see the thing and i will call you after some minutes he will call and said that sir you have to paid 600 rs the rest amount we will handle so can you tell me sir ahy should i pay these amount and also tell me that why this kind of mistakes will takes places of which i will full fill

so i requesting you sir plz see the whole things and give me the plan which i have on these no.which is not activated still of which i have to pay more that and plz take a action regarding distributer ,telecaller,as well as mr.sudher chauhan so that i get proper plan and no other peple can face the same prb by the mistakes of these people

and plz see the billing matter and generate bill according to my plan on wards only

After that there is a calling from one no.08854843159 he said that he is inspector fron delhi branch you have to pay your bill otherwise i will put you in jail and said bad words to me many times

requesting you sir to see that issue seriously as i wants justices so that these people will not cheated to other person also….

As my no.9691256738.
is not in services as company bolcked my no of which many of my bussiness get out of my hand and i have losses……..

Thanks & Regards

Ajay Suryawanshi

Contact: 9926063936

Emailid:- [email protected],

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