Location/place: Bangalore Service

Name of company/service: Tata Indicom CDMA

Dear Sir,

I have purchased CDMA mobile worth 1650 rs which includes mobile cost and recharge plan of 699rs for getting unlimited benefit of local and STD calls.
The next day i purchased,my sim has got activated and i couldnt see any balance as the dealer told. I went and asked on the same day and he told me that recharge plan has changed from 699 rs to 899rs.
I told dealer that, i never asked about recharge plan and etc. the reason why is that i am supposed to get the benefit whatever they said , it should be with mobile as i purchased the mobile for that purpose only.
Later after few discussions, i paid 200 rs extra and recharged suuceefully. I used the services for 1 week happily and suddenly one day outgoing calls have got barred and not even able to reach the customer care to find out the problem.
Finally i got to know that, dealer has not submitted the CAF form and they barred the outgoing calls. After that it took 5 days for activating the same again. Here i lost 5 days of services because of the dealer’s mistake.
Another problem is that, as soon as i recharged, i got the message saying that “Recharge succeessful and enjoy the unlimited benefit with validity of 90 days”.
But after 30 days i am not able to make single call from my mobile and whenever i called customer care , they tried to tell like, the message came from dealer only, not from TATA indicom. so TATA INDICOM is not responsible for that message and validity is only 30 days.. Immediately i went to dealer shop and asked him and connected him to customer care agent and dealer also questined agent like how the dealer is responsible for the message and it will come from TATA INDICOM only..
In the next second agent disconnected the call and not even able to connect to customer care after that.

I would like to file a complaint in consumer court on TATA INDICOM and DEALER SHOP regarding this as they cheated me in giving wrong information and the way they responding to customers when we reach them is worst in nature.

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