cheated by sony service centre (akriti service centre point) jabalpur m.p.

Location/place: jabalpur (M.P.)

Name of company/service: sony india


I would like to bring to your attention the following:-

1. I am Nitin tiwari from jabalpur (m.p.)
2. i purchased one sony cyber shot DSC W230 serial no.-8684329 on 13/10/2009 from sony world madan mahal jabalpur (M.P.)
for rs.-13800/-
3. Intially it serviced good but after 13 month it”screen display light was not working properly. Therefore i have
given my camera to Sony service centre Akriti service point Jabalpur (M.P).
4. I deposited this camera date- 10/11/2011
with their Service Centre that is Akriti service point Jabalpur (M.P). They committed me
to return my mobile in 7 days after due repair.
5. the owner of service centre mr. b. s. soni behaved very rudely to us. and he is not giving right information about my camera
everytime i go and evrytime they said come after a week and i have gone 50+ time there to return my camera and he is still not returning my camera
6. At first time thet said to us ypur lcd light is not workin i’ll repair it and cmitted us to return in 1 week
after a week when i gone there they said your camera is water damage while it is not i checked it. and i never took my camera in water zone area
i have proof of this because i used it personly and never carry out in water zone area it is always took place in my self.
then he said that they purchase lcd of my camera from sony compny but compny send wrong lcd to service centre now what can do the service centre
it is sony compny fault not mine(as per said mr. b. s. soni)
after a month i gone again then they said your camra will be not repaired because it’s problem is in board and please dn’t try to repait it just
throught it. then i shocked and i said that in my camra you have earlier said it’s only lcd light problem then he said oh sorry i got confuse your
camera have only lcd problem.very Rude Behavior from Sony Center Manager
7. now today he is not returning my camera the owner of akriti service centre jabalpur mr. b. s. soni
said since from 1 year that compny is located out side of india and there is problem of parts in compny parts is not available so what can i do.
it is compny major fault and they are notorious and blamed to sony india compny to us
8. after few months i gone there then they said that your camera is lost by service centre and i’ll search it and after that inform to you
10. yesterday i have gone there then they show me another damage camra and tell me that this is your camera
while it is not mine and they are cheated to us.
11. i have registered police case to him and they come to police station and in hand written commitmentgive us that i’ll be return your camera in 1 week
on 24/07/2012 while i have gone yesterday they had not given to us and showed us to another damage camera.
12. today i called on sony toll free custmer care centre i talked to miss vandna she asked me job sheet no. while it is not written in job sheet
then she asked me serial no. which is 8684329 then she replied it is from west bangal mr. anupam
while it is mine camera serial no. then she asked me my cell no. i told him which is 9424309333 then she replied
your camera is registered in sony service centre on 12/02/2012
while i submitted it on 10/11/2011 they cheated me and lost my camera.
13. i am attaching the scan copy of job sheet where you can see it. they are biggest cheater who cheat us. and they do as same case to many of my friend one is kushal gupta
and prashant dudhe many more. i have proof of them
14. I never experienced this kind of rude behavior from an authorized sony service centre..Hope SONY will take necessary action.they cheated us and showing me another camera
15. I need my money back for purchasing of camera and my wasted time on it with fine

regargs- nitin tiwari
date – 25/07/12 jabalpur
con. no. – 9424309333

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