Cheated by RIL agent

Location/place: Ahmedabad

Name of company/service: Reliance life insurance

Dear Sir,
I received a call from Delhi office they told me that they are calling from delhi Reliance office and reliance is providing loan on 0% interest. I asked how it is possible then they told me that bank next year reliance is coming to banking sector so for advertisement they are providing the same. I am eligible for 10lakh loan for that I have to purchase 10lakh’s policy and maturity benefit will taken by RIL. Then I purchased the policy and paid 50,000 premium they assured me that within 45-60 days I will receive the loan amount they were regularly called for varification but after 60days all their numbers were out of reach. they I came to know that it was fake.
Because I have borrowed 50,000 on interest and I am not able to pay such a big premium for 20 years.
So I have given the cancellation request on 28th Jan-13 but on 8th Feb-13 I received a call from head office that my cancellation request is rejected due to cancellation period is over. then i called to customer care of RIL and asked what should i do so they told me to file a complain to cancellation so accordingly i file a complain for cancellation on 9th Feb but today I received a call from RIL that my cancellation application is rejected.
They accepting that their agents are cheating the customers but RIL is not taking any action against them and honest customers are suffering.
Kindly help me in this matter to have my payment back.

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