Cheated by Medical Tourism Advertising Company

Location/place: India/Ahmedabad

Name of company/service: Surgery Planet

• I DR AJIT NANIKSINGH KUKREJA entered in to an agreement with Surgery Planet after repeated calls from Mr Stanley Morgan – on 30th June 2011 I paid 600 USD to them for one year of promotion to Medical Tourism
• From 01Jul2011 to 30Jun2012 [Attached mail dated 30Jun2011]
• Nothing was happening after the payment was made – till then I was getting 8-10 calls per day and after payment was made they stopped responding
• On 13th Jul2011 I got a mail mentioning that the Hospital Data will be uploaded by 18th Jul 2011 and that the patient flow from International arena will increase [Attached mail dated 13Jul2011]
• 08Dec2011 they called me and promised a extended promotion from Dec2011 to Nov2012 [Attached mail dated 08Dec2011]
• There was no serious action so on 21Dec2011 I sent them a mail asking for refund or restoration of services and they promised that they are talking to the management for the same [Attached mail dated 21Dec2011]
• After repeated calls and mails on 25th Feb2012 One Mr Rajesh called back and sent a mail confirming their negligence and a promise to give an extra six months extension as a compensation meaning my hospital promotion to start from 01Mar2012 to 31Aug2013 [Attached mail dated 25Feb2012]
• As against his efforts to revive the project there was no response and I was thankful to Rajesh for this efforts but they were not result oriented – on 09th Mar2012 I sent him a mail regarding the inability to locate my hospital details to which he started shedding responsibility [Attached mail dated 09Mar2012]
• On 29th May2012 after repeated calls and mails he sent a reply asking me to contact Surgery Planet team as he was on a vacation [Attached mail dated 29May2012]
• 5th Jun2012 I gave thwm 48 hours for refund to which they have not responded [Attached mail dated 05Jun2012]
There are many mails in between but these have the matter for discussion
I want my refund back and the compensation for the harassment and the loss to my profession as I did not tie up with others

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