Location/place: NEW DELHI

Name of company/service: KOTAK SECURITIES LTD

Dear Sir,

Sub:- Cheating by M/s Kotak Securites Ltd. 202,217 Ambadeep Building K.G.Marg, N.Delhi-01
Ref:- My Client code No- HJIE -1 / Group code No-DDDDAMFBEQ.

This is for your kind information that I have been cheated very badly by M/s Kotak Securites Ltd., resulting I have suffered the huge financial losses of Rs.1,70,327/-. Due to this loss I am suffering from the mental tension very badly since Nov’09 as my hard earned money which was saved by me in so many years from my meagre monthly salary have been taken by Kotak Securities Ltd., by way of cheating, misguiding and making fictitious promises, that they will generate Rs.10,000/- to 15,000/- per day profit on payment of Rs.1,00,000/-as their fee. They have taken my signature on D-mat account opening form and filled the same at their end without explaining the terms and conditions. Mr.Sonu Dwevedi and Mr.Rohit Gupta are their representative, who were assuring me that whether market goes up or down, they will make profit in both situations.

They have opened my account and started trades from 17.10.09 in my account and from the day one they have started showing losses in my account and at the same time on 24th & 25th Oct’09 I requested them to close my account and refund my money when there was very nominal loss of around 2500/- but they did not closed it. Later on I have submitted my request letter on 30.10.09 for closing my account and refund of my Rs.1,00,000/- plus other balances, but on my every request they were continue making trades in my account with assuring me not to worry “sir we will recover the entire losses”. After completion of one month 17.10.09 to 17.11.09 they were even not attending my calls. If you go through the statement of account, the total brokerage on trading they did in my account is not more than Rs.2500/- for the aforesaid period and they have taken Rs.1,00,000/- plus Rs.10,300/- debited additional in my account plus losses made in trading for Rs.60,027/- totaling to Rs.1,70,327/-. In this regard, I have written several letter and reminders to the top official of Kotak Securities, but no action has been taken so far except acknowledging my letters.

So far I have not received my claim, therefore I request you to kindly help me and take immediately necessary action against Kotak Securities Ltd., for releasing my hard earned Rs.1,70,327/-. I will be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Thanking you,

63 JA House
Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar,
New Delhi-57

Mobile No.9873002312


Rs.1,00,000/- Taken by Kotak as fee on 15.10.2009 (For generating -Rs.10,000/- to 15,000/- per day profit as assured at the time of A/c opening )
Rs.1,00,000/- Taken by Kotak as Margin on 15.10.2009
Rs.1,00,000/- Again taken by Kotak as margin on 28.10.2009
Rs. 10,300/- * Debited by Kotak in my account on 4.11.2009
Total Rs.3,10,300/- Taken by M/s Kotak Securities Ltd.
Less – Rs. 74,973/- 500/- Share of EIH @149.95-purchased which are still with me.
Rs. 60,000/- Amount got refunded on 14.12.09 against paid amount
Rs. 5,000/- Amount got refunded on 23.3.2010 against paid amount
Total Rs.1,39,973/- Shares in hand / got refunded against paid amount
Rs.1,70,327/- Net Loss / Claim.

63 JA House
Basant Lok, Vasant vihar,
New Delhi-57


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