Cheated by ICICI bank.

Name of company/service: ICICI Bank


Myself is Pawan Kumar & my credit card no is 5176 5339 6576 3003.

I have been cheated by ICICI credit card department that ICICI credit card department have accepted many times on cal but still continue to cheat on statement.

Go through the below history:-

• ICICI bank have attached a insurance policy to me without my information & approval. I have raised the issue immediately on 1st Sept 2009 after checking the statement.

• Again I have written the mail on 5th Sept but still no Customer care executive called me to remove the additional unwanted policy money.

• After mail, I got a call that the policy will be cancelled & I need not to pay any charges. I have asked to deduct the policy bill before month cycle & same was agreed by customer care executive.

• But no deduction happed & no reply from the customer care executive with so many mails from my side. Again I was continuously receiving the credit card statements for 2-3 months without attending the issue from bank side. Again I got a call & mail from Executive who accepted the mistake & confirmed me that policy will get reverted and the interest also will be deducted which was happened due to bank mistake.

• That was agreed on mail from executive side on 12 Sept 2009 that policy will be cancelled & interest will get reduced and I will get the new statement by 21 Sept2009 to pay. That was again a new commitment from Customer Care executive.

• Again there was no reply till 23rd Sept & I have send the reminder mail again-again.

• Now I got the statement with inclusive new month interest also instead of deduction.

• After mail chain from my side, I received a call from customer care executive that I have to pay the policy full payment one time else the policy will be continue.

• Finally I got the mail that the amount which is full of 5-6 months interest & policy payment, have asked me to pay the same.

• I have again call the customer care executive to clear the issue but again instead of clearing, bank have deducted 15000 Rs/ from my account automatically.

• Total amount I have to pay was 17000. Bank have deducted 15000 from my account and i have already paid ~10000. After that also Bank is still claiming to pay 31000/.

Then I would like to go legally as I have all proofs of misguiding & cheating.

I think, Consumer forum/court is the right way to go through. Please suggest me for further proceeding.

Pawan Kumar
[email protected]

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