Cheated by displaying free offers and denying it later

Location/place: Navi Mumbai

Name of company/service: Vijay Sales


I purchased a Samsung Refrigerator RT2534PACSE on 13/11/2012 from Vijay Sales at Kharghar branch. The Invoice no is 83-BWG11-12SIAOT 1676.

The stores had displayed free offer of Samsung mobile on this regrigerator. The same was confirmed by Sales attendant. He explained to me the procedure of getting the mobile from Samsung. However Samsung Engineer informed me later that the free phone offer is not for the model i purchased.

When i contacted Vijay Sales, Kharghar Mr Rakesh initially accepted the mistake and offered apology but later he denied stating that neither they had displayed any such offer nor any sales person communicated about any such offer to me.

I feel cheated. I demand either the delivery of the free mobile phone or refund of the equivalent amount.

My address is C-305, Yashraj Comples, Plot no 1/1A, Sector 16, Kamothe, Nabi Mumbai – 410209. My contact number is 9819332006.

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