Cheated by Dealer – Hans Hyundai, New Delhi

Location/place: Karam Pura, New Delhi -110015

Name of company/service: Hans Hyundai


I am having a serious issue with my Hyundai Santro Xing GLS model car from Hans Hyundai dealer.

My Case Details are as follows:

1. I bought a car for my Father Mr. Abdul Sahid, from Hans Hyundai, New Delhi, dated 12 Jan 2009. Registration number is DL4C ND 6995.

2. I got my RC on 14-June’09, after approached so many times. I got my RC at least 5 months late, which is delayed.

3. When I received my RC, I saw car manufacturing date was too old (March 2008), which is near about 1 year old car they sold to me. I informed to dealer but they refused.

4. When Car was delivered to my house, on that day some mechanics were repairing inside cabin light.

5. Barcode information sticker was missed from side window on delivery time, when I asked to dealer, he told me that sticker was washout when washed the car.

6. On delivery time I saw a dent on inside driver side gate, this was also informed dealer Mr. Rajiv Talwar, but he told me that he was not aware for that.

7. Left front door look likes dented and painted.

8. Left front and right back door closing not properly.

9. I saw lot of dust below seats, when seat cover was prepared outside another shop.

10. 3rd gear having problem to take.

11. Taking heavy load, when Car is running in 4th and 5th Gear.

12. Also engine was looked too dusty when open at the time of delivery.

11. 10 Years Hyundai logo was not on the Car at the time of delivery.

The whole episode was highly disappointing with respect to brand value of Hyundai motors and damaging the sales image of the company specially the quality of inhospitable response I got from Hans Hyundai. It was highly avoidable and least appreciated.

Please respond to my grievance as soon as possible and advice me on the solution. Else I will be forced to file a legal suit for my refund and also for the compensation for the mental agony and loss of time & energy I suffered due to whole episode. The main case shall be of being cheated by Hans Hyundai Dealer.

Thanking you in anticipation I am, for your quick response.

Mohammad Alam
e-mail id – [email protected]

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