Cheated by Country Vacation Club

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Country Vacations

On 16.03.2011 I was called along with my wife at Country Vacations saying I have won lucky draw for 7 days vacation.I was offered membership for Rs.2 lakhs,then it was reduced to Rs.95000/- My debit card was swiped for Rs 25000/- and a cheque for Rs.70000/- was taken from my house.Immediately after this I came to know that these people have cheated many people in the past, hence their manager Mr.Rashid Shaikh was contacted on phone and told that the cheque payment would be stopped. But he assured me that my membership will be transfrrred to someone else and my money will be refunde in full within 21 days.But nothing was done.After persuading for a long time on 20th Dec.2011 Rashid Shaikh gave in writing that my membership will be degraded and he will return Rs.45ooo/- within 60 working days.But in May 2012 they gave me a cheque for Rs.39000/- only.I want my membership to be cancelled and full amt Rs.95000/- returned to me

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