Location/place: gurgoan

Name of company/service: fashion and you

when will i get my product order no 2084685 when it was assured within 7 days???? and still awaiting also been making my long telephone bills just calling you without any response or call back.

and what about penalty as i am not getting my product in time. as when customer any fault happens customer end he is easily penalized without listening, when same they do it what a company policy. We should learn from them.

all the time i call just another deadline is given to me and deadline is just for fooling customer is this fashion and you code of conduct company operates upon they just take money and cheat customers???
complaint nos rather joke nos: 1932452, 1953862, 1964836, 1981372, 1981383, 2084685, 1992391, 1999000
special thanks to Mr. Nitin – Manager in fashion and you still goes same with his team no worry about his commitments lets see if Mr. Ashish again manger cares or not
gautam jain
+91 9988413933

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