Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Tata Docomo

I had put in a request on the tata docomo website for a new photon connection. instead of they contacting me they shared my details with their multiple DSA’s one from which i bought the photon.
They came to my house took all my documents and payment and gave me my photon. I checked it and the speed was very slow as compared to the speed promised i.e. 3.1mbps i i was getting just 0.10kpbs or at times 0.50kbps i called Tata and even mailed them. An executive then visited me to check the connection who then informed me tht they have some issues with the cellcites that would take 6-8 months to resolve.i Requested them to then take the instrument back and give me my refund but now they just disconnect my calls

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  1. 9 years ago

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