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i had previously entered a contest on this website named so i already had Rs.299 worth of credits to my account.Later on 14th June 2012 their representative calls me to tell me that i have won some secondary contest so i told him to send me the intimation email.Instead he sent me a confirmation that i agree to pay for whatever terms he said and also deducted the credits in my account.So i call up this representative and tell him to give me details for this product and he tells me to google it.Also their courier partner asks me to confirm my address and when i tell him to transfer my call to the fellow who spoke to me earlier she does it and the fellow still does not give me the required details.So i sent their customer care service an email that i wont be paying for any of the above stated terms unless i see a catalog for the same.They claim it to be the same product displayed on their website.But it is not so.Their representatives have stopped answering my calls.

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