Charging of illegal Dues

Location/place: KOLKATA

Name of company/service: Tikona Digital networks

A year back, I was using the internet connection of Tikona Wi-Broadband in my home. I got the connection in the month of January and got the line disconnected in the month of August due to unsatisfactory service. A man (M. Shahid) [+918981215553] executive officer from the company (Tikona) came and recovered the Adapter, and gave us a receipt on which it was written “Adapter recovered”(20.8.11) We cleared all the dues and bills and finally the connection was over and got another receipt in which it was written “Already disconnected”. Now two days back I got a call from the lawyer (“Mishra”) of Tikona from Delhi and he said us to clear the amount of Rs. 2162 and he has filed a case against us in Delhi and shocked me by claiming 2 lakh 70 thousand rupees. He told me to pay the money online otherwise he’ll send the police within half-an hour. I am really worried about it, please help me! They are charging us illegal amount of due while there is no such due, I have cleared it all. I called M. Shahid, the person who disconnected the line to tell the problem he told that he’ll reply after half an hour but after that he didn’t call and when I’m calling him he is not picking up the calls. I just simply don’t like this fraud company who are taking money illegally from their consumers and threatening them in the name of law and police. Please help me, the company is really troubling me a lot.
Connection started on- 16.01.11 –
Rs. 1157.00 (Connection Charges + 1 month’s payment incl. S. Tax)
Rs. 605.55
Rs. 550.00
Rs. 566.00
Disconnected in July- 15.06.11-
Rs. 566.00
Adapter recovered- 20.08.11-
Rs. 600.00
Rs. 4044.55

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