Charging more with out the knowledge of the customer

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Vodafone

I am Akthar, Software employee,I took 199 plan CUG on Feb 2nd.every month I used to get bill around 250-300/- only.On july 1st I got a bill of june month amount 1061/-.I am shocked and I went to vodafone store and I enquired, hen they are saying that I have attended store on May 25th and asked them to change my plan from 199 to 1000/-,I am shocked,I didnot go to vodafone store but they are showing some system entry and saying that I came and I asked them to change the plan.I asked them for the proofs then they said may be our store boy did some error instead of activating plan to one customer they might have activated to u.They said we will take the manager approval and we waiver off your 760/- for this time.but they didnot do.I lodged this complaint long back but not yet get any respond and my out going calls are blocked.I am asking them if I came show me the proof how could you change one customer plan without his knowledge and bill him the big amount.However which customer will ask you to change from low price plan to high price plan.please some one help me to get the correct justice.
My mobile number is 9885324658

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