Charging more interest

Location/place: pune

Name of company/service: patpedhi

Dear Sir,
I borrowed loan from one of the patpedhi. The amout is of 6,00,000/- rupees. I gave them post dated cheques of dated 5th of every month.But they are delaying to submit the cheques in respective branch (e.g. they are submitting cheque on 10th or 15 th of the month)then obviously this cheque will clear after 2 or 3 days says 13 & 18 of the month.
Now they are charging me interest up to cheque cleared date. By this calculation my intest is more & principle is very small. (e.g. for 12,000 rupees interest is 10,000 & principle is 2000).
Can you please suggest how to resolve this issue.
I am very much worried as I am paying huge interest.
Please advice me on 8698580149.

Prashant Kanase

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