Charging 2 months bill amount even after failing to resolve the problem on iphone 4S network issue.

Location/place: Bangalore

I am been constantly asked to pay a bill amount 0f Rs 771 for my Vodafone Karnataka number 09916966556. I have raised several service request with Vodafone regarding my network issue on the iphone 4s, since the network was zero I was unable to use my phone and shifted to another service provider with whom I am facing no network issues. Now, they claim that I have a outstanding bill of 771 and have to pay it. When they have failed to resolve my problem and have been least sympathetic with the troubles I have been put through I refused to pay the amount. I would like to bring this out to the public since many people get cheated in the same way. I kindly request the authorities to look into it and stop this kind of harassment.

Vishal George (Bangalore)

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  1. 8 years ago

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