Charges for not using Card – 5444388756084408

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Standard Chartered Bank

The above card number was issued by SCB. i stopped using that card from 2008 and have informed the bank. It was a paid card hence while renewal i had called the bank and asked them to cancel and not to send the card. Subsequently, I did i get any bill or renewal card. However, recently, i keep getting 10000 (ten thousands) calls on some 2000 odd payment every one hour from SCB recovery agents. These guys dont understand and call while i am abroad and these charges have gone more than what they claim. This rs.2000/- i have to pay for not using the card. Now, SCB has referred my name to CIBIL. My credentials in the banks have dropped because of the same and SCB is refusing to write to CIBIL to reverse the noting.

Please suggest a way to go about this case and clear my credentials.

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