Changed Basic without Acknowledgement !!!

Location/place: Noida, UP, India

Name of company/service: CSR Technology India Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Sir,

This is complaint you regarding the above company where I worked for around 6 six years.
I joined CSR Technology on 15th March 2007 and left on 2nd May 2013. At the time of Full and Final settlement they calculated my Gratuity on basis of current Basic which they changed to 30% of Monthly Gross which was always 50% of Total Monthly gross for the all 6 six years of my tenure there.
They said that the changed that as per a Excel sheet sent to me for changes and said that I selected option of 30%. But I clearly remember that I have always opted for 50% Basic option and Also they never bothered to confirm me that they are changing my Basic from 50 to 30%.

Because of this I am facing huge loss in Gratuity and want you take action against the company and help me in getting justice. I have mailed them so many times and asked them for the same but they said that they will not change it now.

Company Address is:
CSR Technology (India) private Limited
(Formerly Known as SiRF Technology India Private Limited,)
A1 – A Sector 16,
Noida -201301
Direct No : +91 120 4696165
Mobile No : +91 98450 67235

Mail addresses of concerned persons are who are in accounts in HR:
Srinnivasan G (SriniG)
Manager Accounting

HR Manager:

HR Executive:

Senior Manager, Accounting:

Thanks and Regards,
Nishant Singh
[email protected]

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