Change in Tariff Plan without intimation

Location/place: mangalore

Name of company/service: Airtel Prepaid

I got my Airtel prepaid number +91-9900411352 in Mangalore from an Airtel Relationship Centre in December 2011. When I got the SIM, the tariff was 30p/min for local and STD calls.
Later somewhere in March 2012, the tariff was automatically changed to 60p/min stating that the tariff validity had expired.
Now, from 14th July 2012, the call tariff has increased to 1.3p/sec for local and STP calls. The reason stated is again tariff validity completion.

What my concern is that the consumer should be informed in advance about completion of tariff validity so that they can search for better option using MNP.

I would like to get the extra money Airtel has charged me for each call back as I feel this is cheating.

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