CGM of WB, GM of KGP,WB, SDOT Midnapore,WB

Location/place: Midnapore, Paschim Medinipur, WB

Name of company/service: BSNL Broad-Band

It is very painful for me to inform you that, after continuously informing The JTO and SDO(T) of Midnapore town about a problem with my Broad-Band connection for last 8 months, I have got no satisfactory answer from them. I am completely fade-up with them, and now in a mental stage to discontinue that connection. Before doing the same, I just want to inform you about the behavior and sometimes misbehavior they have made to me and my son and it is my last hope for fixing that connection.
The problem started in Dec 2010. After facing a 678 error and no link light I informed the JTO. He, after 2-3 weeks, told me to wright to the SDO(T) and assured me that it will be fixed in a week. I send an application to SDO(T). But nothing happened. We talked to the JTO and Technical Worker for many times over telephone and sometimes personally. At last in August, I was informed that there is some problem and it can be solved by changing the ‘pole’. For that I again made an application to SDO(T). I was told that it will be solved in a week. But till now there is no improvement or at least I can not see any. For this last 8-9 months I have never stopped paying the bill.
I, therefore, request you to take necessary steps to fix that connection or at least inform me whether it is even possible or not, so that, I can disconnect the BB connection to stop paying for it with out using it.

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