Cell Phone

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Deal and You

I have Purchased a cell phone through deal and you online, though order no 547706 I,got the hand set and I paid the Amountto the concern person took the delivery it was a CDMA head set,I was supposed to get activated in the reliance web world, when I send the set to the web world they told it is a hand set of USA cannot be used here, I reported this complain to the deal and you several time they asked to contact the vendor who has send the set to me that is Vanita Kharat
Customer Support – Team Leader
Infinity global Inc.
Contact no – 022-42508816 on there requested, I have send back the hand set they also confirmed me that they have received the hand set but now they are neither talking to me nor replying my mail, both deal and you as well as infinity global I am feeling cheated and kindly help me .

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