Cell no Barred before deadline given

Location/place: GUWAHATI

Name of company/service: IDEA Cellular

Dear sir,
I availed an IDEA prepaid connection in the month of May 2012.I submitted the documents what ever they (local service provider)wanted.They gave me the Sim card and my mobile was activated . But on 14-06-2012 at 05:10:39 PM I received a message that I should submitt the valid documents again on or before 16th June 2012. But surprisingly they barred my mobile number on 15th June 2012.I contacted the local office over phone and asked why they blocked my mobile before the time given to me to produce the valid documents. They said that this was done by their higher authority they cannot do anything.After submiting the documents what ever they wanted why they again asked for other valid documents. If valid documents were not given why they issued the same to me and it allowed for continuing to use the mobile and why giving me a deadline of 16-06-2012 they blocked my mobile no on 15-06-2012 without giving me the chance to produce the same. My mobile no is – 9085633789

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